Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New York…or Not

So my Uncle on my Dad’s side is visiting with my cousin, and staying at my parent’s house this week.  I could go on and on about many things I think need changing, but I’m going to try and stick with this one story.

Gather around, everyone!

My parents are pretty technologically savvy, and enjoy many things.  They have a PS3, a Wii, a few movies, an IMac, and several things to do if someone is bored.  My cousin is 16 years old, and knowing that it is easy to get bored with even everything available, I brought over some PS3 games that my fiancé isn’t playing right now and that he might be interested in.

Late last night he decided to give God of War a try.  Now I’ve watched my fiancé play God of War, and I’ve seen how determined he is while playing it, so I know this game is addicting in a way.  I learned today that my cousin spent ALL NIGHT playing this game, and didn’t go to bed till 7:30am…90 minutes before him and my uncle were supposed to take a bus trip to New York City with my Dad.

No New York For You!

Instead of wanting to go to New York, my cousin faked feeling sick so he didn’t have to go.  My Uncle decided to go to the drug store to get cough medicine and stay home…and my Dad didn’t want to go by himself. 

My Dad is frustrated…my cousin and Uncle are completely opposite to how my Dad is, and I can only imagine how that friction in personalities and lifestyles are stressing my Dad out.  Dad is on vacation, he shouldn’t have to be so stressed!  Luckily he will be going out to meet my Mother in CA for the Celebration of Life in honor of my Aunt on Thursday, and I will be staying at my parent’s house to make sure my Uncle and cousin don’t need anything.

Food Diary for 8/5/13:

4 Oscar Mayer Lean Beef Franks-240 calories
2 ¼ cups Butternut Squash-150 calories
2oz Butter Toffee Almonds-320 calories
2oz Smokehouse Almonds-340 calories
2 Coffee w/ 4Tbls Creamer-120 calories
3oz smoked gruyere cheese-270 calories
Total Calories-1440

I did not do any exercise yesterday, so there are no exercise calories to subtract

Yesterday was not my best day.  I went over my calories by 240, and when I stepped on the scale today I was about a pound heavier from water retention.  I know it’s not fat because I was still in a calorie deficit for the day, but the almonds were very salty, and I knew I’d “gain” from that. 

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is Alive by Krewella!