Monday, August 19, 2013

Old Memories

Today I want to talk to you about one of the memories I have from high school.  You see, this memory is one that haunts and hurts me, but also fuels me to lose weight.  Even now as I start to type it out, I can feel the pain I felt that day, the embarrassment, and the tears.

 When I was in 10th grade, I was not a popular kid.  In fact, I was pretty much a loner.  I had a few select friends that I was close to, and a few friends who I tried to fit in with, but couldn’t.  I was the quiet girl in the corner, the one who could get away with just about anything because I never gave anyone trouble. 

Well one day, I went out of the classroom to use the restroom down the hall.  As I was walking, I passed a group of fellow classmates who happened to be working on an art project.  I paid them no mind, they weren’t my friends but I had no reason to hate them at that point.  As I reached the end of the hall, I heard one of them do a cat-call whistle, so I turned to glance at what they were whistling at. 

Seeing me turn their way, they all looked at me and started laughing.  I was confused at first, and then one of them said “why would we whistle at you?” and apparently that sent them into hysterics as they continued to laugh about it.  I made my way to the restroom, holding in the tears I wanted to cry because when I cry, my face is red for hours.

The worst part was having to walk past them again on my way back to the classroom.  That was one of the few times I considered just leaving school and going home, but I didn’t.  I held my head up high as I walked past them, ignoring their chuckling and rude remarks.  I don’t even remember the rest of that day, except that when I went to bed, and was finally alone, I cried about it until I had no more tears left.

So why am I bringing up this painful story, you might ask?  Well the other day I had a friend ask me why am I losing weight.  And aside from the obvious answer of “to get healthy”, I wanted to say “I deserve that cat-call whistle”.  My 10 year high school reunion didn’t happen due to poor planning, so I’ll be looking forward to the 15 year anniversary in 2017, and I want to look hot!  

Smokin' hot!

Raiding Obesity

Not my best week last week, admittedly.  But every meal or snack is an opportunity to make better choices, and that’s what I will focus on this week!

8/12/13-200.0 (Start Fight!)
8/13/13-199.9 (Me: Stab, also ONEDERLAND!!)
8/14/13-199.9 (Boss: Stall-Time)
8/15/13-200.5 (Boss: Self-Heal)
8/16/13-201.6 (Boss: Self-Heal)
8/17/13 202.9 (Boss: Self-Heal)
8/18/13-202.4 (Me: Stab)
8/19/13-200.3 (Me: Stab)

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is remember When (Push Rewind) by Chris Wallace!  


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