Friday, August 2, 2013

The First 20!!

The scale showed me a number I didn’t expect this week, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do a little happy dance after getting off the scale.    The scale showed me 201.0, which means I am down 20lbs from when I started! 

Before losing weight, I always used to see the “smaller” numbers like 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and say “that’s really not a lot of weight,  it’s not going to make a difference”.  But the truth is, it makes a big difference!  It was a battle for each and every one of the pounds I’ve lost so far, and I know I will continue to battle every day for the rest of my life.  But there is something very encouraging about 20 pounds, and it just motivates me to keep going!

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My fiancé and I are going out to dinner tomorrow with his dad, his dad’s girlfriend, and maybe his sister and her husband.  It’s a big family get together!  It’s a restaurant I have never been to, though, and I’m a little concerned about the food.  I need to confirm the name of the restaurant again to make sure I can check the menu beforehand.

I’m debating if I’m going to count calories tomorrow or Sunday…Sunday my dad is making a birthday dinner to celebrate the birthdays of himself, my grandpa, and my sisters.  I’m making my special dark chocolate brownies at his request, and maybe a side dish or two.  I know he’s intending to make filet mignon and probably some potato salad or something.  I don’t like to not count for more than a day, and especially since I am getting so much closer to goal, I want to be even more meticulous. 

I will probably attempt to count calories tomorrow, and if I cannot get a good guesstimate, I’ll just make sure to count everything I can on Sunday.  My hope is to remain right around the same weight, if possible.  I’d be a little disheartened to gain, but it would be understandable under the circumstances.  I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to work out on the elliptical on Sunday, but if I can sneak some time on it, I will.

Food Diary for 8/1/13:

1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Strawberry-80 calories
2 Sunsweet individual Prunes-40 calories
2 Mesquite Grilled Chicken Filets (6oz total)-220 calories
2 generic brand hamburger rolls-180 calories
1 Banana-110 calories
1 cup raw blueberries-83 calories
½ serving tiramisu pudding-141 calories
5oz pinot grigio-114 calories
Total calories-968

I did work out on the elliptical for an hour, and did some extensive walking of walmart, so my fitbit adjusted 322 calories, so my NET calories for the day was 646.  I have to say, I feel more comfortable around 1000 calories, with 1200 being more of a buffer.  I’m not starving, I’m not weak, and while I know I shouldn’t be going less than 1200, I’m listening to my body and only eating when I need to.  I don’t want to eat extra empty calories because I should, I only want to eat when I feel I need to.

Music Addition

Today’s Addition comes to you from one of my favorite movies!  The Bella’s Final from Pitch Perfect!


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