Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Quite Onederland…

But I'll Take It!!!!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days!  With house-sitting for my parents, keeping an eye on my Uncle and Cousin, and ToM hormonal imbalance, I’ve just been a little crazy and needed a few days to myself to gather my thoughts.  Plus, I noticed that if I post every day, I don’t have quite so much to post about, and that can get boring!  No one wants to read boring posts!

Family Visits

So last week, from Saturday August 3rd to Saturday August 10th, my Uncle (my Dad’s brother) and cousin were visiting.  They drove the 3,000 miles from CA to PA, driving a rental truck filled with family keepsakes and heirlooms that were to go to my Dad (they also stopped at another location where they dropped off keepsakes for my Aunt’s side of the family).

I know I posted a little bit about their visit, with my cousin playing hooky to get out of going to New York, but that was really just the tip of the iceberg.  My cousin needs rules, he needs boundaries, he needs punishment, and there should be rewards.  Right now, my cousin gets what he wants, and doesn’t have to lift a finger to do it.  He stays up late, till 5-6am!  He doesn’t eat dinner, in fact he doesn’t eat anything that resembles real food at all (unless you count Doritos, beef jerky and energy drinks as a healthy diet)!  And he doesn’t keep good personal hygiene (he didn’t shower once in that whole week they were here).

At first I was furious.  How could someone let themselves get like that?!  How could my Uncle, who I love dearly, let his son practice these terrible habits that, without guidance, will persist into adulthood?!  I let that anger eat at me those few days where my Dad wasn’t there to act as a buffer, getting more and more irritated as I watched my cousin stay up till 5am, eat a bag of chips and drink a Monster energy drink, then go back and lay down on the couch where he promptly fell asleep until 4pm. 

On Friday night, knowing that the next day they would be flying home, I persisted in telling my cousin that he should shower.  I told him at 8pm when they got home from visiting a local music store.  I told him again at midnight-ish, after his dad went to bed.  And I reminded him for a third time around 3am, when I went to bed.  His response was “yea, I’ll take one later.”  I’m not the parent, I didn’t want to step on any toes or cause issues, but his dad should have been the one to tell him all.

The next morning, about 30 minutes before they had to leave, I came downstairs and found my cousin sleeping on the couch…still in the same clothes he had worn all week, and still without a shower.  I went in that room, nudged his shoulder and told him to go upstairs and take a shower because they had to leave soon.  He grunted, rolled over and went back to sleep.  I was done.

Fifteen minutes later his dad woke him up and told him to get his bag from upstairs.  My cousin dragged his butt upstairs, grabbed his bag (which my uncle had packed for him), came downstairs and complained about having to see our grandpa before they left. 

They hugged me before driving away(after which I needed to go take a hot shower to get that heeby jeebie feeling off my skin), and then I finally was able to mentally relax and let myself start to de-stress.  I set up my laptop in the family room, started updating World of Warcraft (because I haven’t played it on the laptop in a while), and gathered all the bed sheets, comforters and pillow cases from the two spare rooms to be washed. 

I felt very productive, even though I didn’t work out on the elliptical like I should have.  I was constantly going up and down the stairs to gather the laundry, bring the freshly cleaned sheets and things back upstairs, made the beds, tidied up the rooms, etc. It was my goal to make sure my parents had as little to do as possible when they got home, because I knew they’d be tired.  I know they appreciated it.

Raiding Obesity

This weeks’ Raiding Obesity section is going to look a little strange, and that’s because From Friday to Sunday, I did not count calories, and I did not weigh myself.  I didn’t count calories because I felt I needed a mental break from the numbers, and I didn’t weigh myself because I didn’t have my bathroom scale.  I’m kinda picky, I like my bathroom scale.  

8/5/13-201.5 (Start Fight!)
8/6/13-202.9 (Boss: Self-Heal)
8/7/13-204 (Boss: Self-Heal and Stall Time till 8/11/13)
8/12/13-200.0 (Me: Stab)

I’m back on calorie counting and weighing today, so you’ll see me back to the same ol’ schedule.  I do think I’m going to start posting a little less often so I have more to write about, but there will always be a Monday post with my Raiding Obesity stats!!

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is Love you Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez & The Scene.  Not a fan of the video, but the song is fun!


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