Monday, July 15, 2013

A Bit Too Toasty

So it’s hot outside…like very hot.  Like 90+ degrees with thick humidity kind of hot.  Needless to say, I’m inside with the air conditioning on, sad that I can’t go for a walk right now (it’s too hot even for the dogs).  Maybe later tonight, if it cools down!

I just got my FitBit today!!!  Yay!!!
Still deciding where I'm going to clip it

It’s a pedometer that keeps track of calories burned, steps taken, stairs climbed, and give you little incentives to keep moving around!  I would have liked to use it earlier when I went shopping, but that’s okay.  This whole week it’s supposed to be miserably hot, so I don’t know if I’ll get to see it in action too much aside from me just walking around the apartment.

Wii Fit

I have Wii Ski, too, but I'm sad to say I never even opened the case
So I’ve had a Wii Fit for many years.  About 4 years ago I used it every day before work for about 45 minutes, and managed to lose about 10lbs with it (which I gained back).  The batteries died on the Wii Board, and I never replaced them.

With the heat, I’m contemplating buying new batteries and hooking it up again.  I remember the hula hoop and the boxing were activities that got my heart pumping, and I actually really enjoyed them.  Especially now that I’m hearing about all these hula hoop exercises that work out your core muscles, I’m seriously debating about dusting off my Wii and giving it a try again.

The only downside is that, living on a second floor apartment, I always wonder if the people downstairs hate my every movement.  I always try to keep movement in the apartment as minimal as possible, especially during the late afternoon/night time because I know he goes to bed pretty early.  It’s actually stressful to always make sure the apartment is quiet during the day so the fiancé can sleep, and then quiet at night so the neighbors don’t get angry.

That’s why I don’t buy an elliptical for myself, even though I desperately want one.  I know those things make a lot of noise, and I just don’t want to do that to my neighbor below me.  I doubt we are going to be moving anytime soon, and I know the guy below me is in that apartment for life, so I don’t want to create any tension between us.

Obesity Boss

So last Monday I weighed in at 207.9, here is what the breakdown for this boss looked like for this week:

7/8/13-207.9 (Start Fight!)
7/9/13-207.0 (Me: Stab)
7/10/13-206.6 (Me: Stab)
7/11/13-206.6 (Boss: Stall Time)
7/12/13-206.6  (Boss: Stall Time)
7/13/13-205.4 (Me: Stab)
7/14/13-205.9 (Boss:  Self-Heal)
7/15/13-207.2 (Boss: Self-Heal)

So I’m recording my weight every day now, instead of every week.  I thought this would drive me nuts, but really, I’m finding it makes it a bit easier to gauge how I’m doing overall.  If I see a spike in my weight, I try and look at all the factors: did I go over calories? Did I exercise? Did I eat something different than I normally do?

Like these past couple of days, I can take a couple guesses at why I gained.  First, the heat.  Heat makes you retain water, and like I said at the start of the post, it’s as hot as balls here today, and for the rest of the week.  Second, and sorry for any guys reading this, I am about mid-cycle, so hormones are probably a little off-balance. Third, I did do a full hour on the elliptical yesterday after not working on it for 5 days, so my body could be rebelling.  What I do know is that I did not go over my calories by close to 7,000 (that is how many calories I’d need to over-eat to gain 2lbs of fat), so I have no doubt the weight will go back down soon.

I’m so close to ONEderland, I can taste it!  Even though I still have a long ways to go yet, I have to say that I haven’t been under 200lbs for about 5 years, if not longer.  It’s exciting to see numbers that I thought I wouldn’t see again on the scale!!

well, good numbers…it’s not exciting to see bad numbers

Food Diary for 7/14/13:

1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Strawberry-80 calories
8 pcs California Roll Sushi-344 calories
5oz Skinless boneless Chicken Breast-160 calories
½ cup Rice-a-Roni Rice Pilaf-155 calories
1 Fiber One Chocolate Pretzel Chewy Bar-90 calories
1 Skinny Cow Divine Peanut Butter Crème-130 calories
1 cup coffee w/ 2Tbls fat free creamer-60 calories
4oz skinless boneless chicken breast-128 calories
Total calories-1147

60 minutes Elliptical-533 calories

Total NET calories: 1147-533=614 calories

I probably could have eaten a bit more, but I really don’t want to eat back exercise calories if I can avoid it.  I do need to invest in more coffee, both regular and decaf, because I like the slight appetite suppressant it has.  If I’m starting to feel a bit hungry, but I don’t want to eat a full meal just yet, I can handle the coffee with 2 tablespoons of creamer for 60 calories instead of other things, especially since I can kind of nurse the coffee for a little while.

Music Addition

Today’s addition is Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink!

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