Saturday, July 20, 2013

Interesting People

I don’t have much to say today because I am going to a wedding and need as much time as possible to get ready.  So instead I am going to leave you with the above video.

This video was eye-opening.  Although it focuses on women, I would say that it can go both ways.  There are too many interesting PEOPLE that we all overlook simply because they do not fit in with the social standards our society dictates.  As one of those people that is frequently overlooked, I was touched that someone would open up and acknowledge this fault, especially someone as confident as Dustin Hoffman.

As I go to a wedding today where I know a grand total of three people (my fiancé, the bride and the groom), I will keep this video in mind.  I will not let social standards tell me who I can and cannot talk to, or get to know.  I’m excited to meet new people, and I’m hoping my own confidence can break those barriers we all seem to accept.

Food Diary 7/19/13:

1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Strawberry-80 calories
1 Fresh Stack Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers-200 calories
2 Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss-70 calories
6oz skinless boneless chicken breast-192 calories
1/2 cup mashed potatoes with gravy (no butter)-237 calories
5 sunsweet prunes-100 calories
2 cups sugar free jello-40 calories
8 tbls fat free cool whip-60 calories
total calories-979

I didn't do any additional exercise, so the fitbit didn't register any additional exercise calories. 

Music Addition

In the spirit of the day, I'm going to post the song that me and my fiance will dance our first dance to when we eventually get married.  So Close by Jon McLaughlin.


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