Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Am An Adult

 And sometimes I have to do adult things.

The Adult Things You Don’t Really Want to Do

Last night was a scheduled raid night for me.  I get online, group up with 9 other people and we kill bosses in Throne of Thunder, which is the current Raid for this part of the expansion.  Sadly our Raid Leader was not able to log on, and at first we thought we would have to call our raid for the night.  Then we got news that we would be able to complete it (albeit getting a later start than normal), but with the help of someone not normally on our raid teams.

Someone I cannot stand.

Now, I am a friendly, and patient person.  I have worked in customer service jobs my entire working life, with my last job at a call center where it was an everyday occurrence to be called a bitch because I wasn’t going to give the customer what they wanted.  I handled all of this with grace and a smile, and no one would be able to tell the difference between a good day and a bad day for me.

So when I say I cannot stand this person, I mean that literally his voice is enough to make my blood boil.

Knowing that the other members of the raid team really wanted to finish up what we could, I did the adult thing and said “sure, I’ll go”, even though this person pushes all of the wrong buttons for me.  So as I’m getting a few things ready before we start to make our way to the Raid, I glance at MyFitnessPal to check my calories for the day, and I did the other adult thing for the night.

The Perks of Being an Adult

I got booze

Well, wine to be more exact.  I measured out 6 oz first, then got another 4oz later, so 10oz total .  If I was going to deal with someone who makes every moment miserable, I was not going to do it sober.  So I gulped my wine…yes, gulped, and spent 2 hours in the company of a bunch of friends and one asshat.

As far as the raid went, it was good!  At least we got to go in and finish up a few bosses that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to kill before the raids reset for the week.  No loot for me, but that’s okay.  Maybe next time!

Food Diary for 7/8/13:

1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Pineapple-80 calories
1 Multi-grain Sandwich Thin-100 calories
4 slices Oscar Mayer Honey Ham-60 calories
6oz Skinless Chicken Breast-192 calories
10oz Red Wine-267 calories
10oz Roasted Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar-250 calories
Total Calories-949

I walked for 30 minutes at a slow 2mph pace-118 calories

Total NET Calories=832

I probably would have eaten more if I didn’t drink the wine…I was so paranoid about snacking while I was drinking that I didn’t want to risk it.  Also my Fiance came home around 1am (he normally doesn’t get off work till 6am) because he wasn’t feeling good, and he stopped to get soup, which smelled really really tasty, and I knew if I ate something then that I was going to pig out on it.

Music Addition

There are two music additions today, however they are both the same song.  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and the same song covered by Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling.  

If you’ve never listened to Lindsey Stirling, she is a unique violinist that I was lucky enough to see live.  She blends different music together, and she has songs that are both good for stretching and moving!  As far as the two versions of the song, I really do prefer the Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling version, but both are equally awesome.  Enjoy!

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