Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Serious Conversation

Up until this point, I’ve tried to keep my blog lighthearted and easy to read.  People want to participate in fun things, so if weight loss can be fun (or at least fun to read), why not do it?

Obesity is not fun.  Nobody likes to be overweight.  Nobody likes their joints to hurt, nobody likes that disapproving look from the doctor when you step on the scale, nobody likes to be told that they are at a high risk for diabetes, or high blood pressure, or heart disease.  If nobody likes these things, why do we let ourselves get this way?

I’ve recently learned that a friend of mine is heavier than I had thought, and is most likely suffering weight-related health issues without being diagnosed or treated. It scares me that I might lose this friend far too early in their lifetime, and that each day they are slowly killing themselves by eating food that is high in calories and low in nutritional value.

How do you get the courage to approach a friend about their health, especially when most of us are overweight ourselves (almost everyone in our group of friends is overweight, there are only a few people who are not)?  How do you tell them to go to the doctor to get tested, and then make sure they do it and accept the treatment?  And worst of all, how do you ensure that you are not destroying a friendship, or causing them to do completely opposite of what you’re asking in defiance?

This issue has been plaguing me for weeks, and I find myself thinking on it more and more.  Health is such a sensitive issue, especially when it’s based around weight.  If they would be suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, I would simply sit them in a room, tell them, and offer my home as a place to stay to get clean.  But food…you can’t just take food away, everyone needs food to live.

I’m frustrated with the situation I’m in.  I’m helpless as I watch my friend destroying their life.  I’m worried that an intervention-type sit-down would result in them being defiant and angry, and losing a friend who is very close to us all.  And I’m truly scared that no matter what me or any of our friends try to tell them, they are going to continue going down the path they are taking, and they won’t live to see 40.

Food Diary for 7/5/13:

Yesterday was tough counting calories because we went out for a friend’s birthday.  I tried putting a guesstimate on yesterday’s post, but really the whole day was a guesstimate. Here’s what I had:

Sun-dried Encrusted Salmon over Sauteed Spinach

1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Strawberry-80 calories
5 Bacon wrapped scallops-250 calories (I really only ate 4 of them, as I shared with the birthday girl)
1 cup fresh spinach sauteed with garlic and olive oil-75 calories (I was able to get this with very light olive oil)
1 salad with Caesar dressing on the side-150 calories
1 8oz Salmon crusted with sundried tomatoes and buerre blanc sauce-480 calories
1 WW Divine Triple Chocolate ice cream bar-110 calories
1 ear of corn-118 calories
Total calories: 1263

Walked 30 min at 2 mph-119 calories

Total NET calories: 1144

I’m glad I was able to get a walk in after eating yesterday, it felt good after the heavier restaurant food.  I thought the salt from it would make me retain water today, but when I got on the scale it said 207.9, so I’m pretty happy about myself. 

Today is definitely going to be easier to keep track since we are not going anywhere.  I’ll probably get the dogs out for another walk tonight, too.  Oh, I also bought a couple 3lb and 5lb hand weights to start working out my arms at home.  It may not be a lot of calories burned, but my arms could use some toning, and every little bit counts =)

Music Addition

Today’s music addition is Candyman by Christina Aguilera


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