Monday, July 1, 2013

Construction Does Not Make For Good Sleep

So my apartment building sits not quite behind the land where the old fire station used to be.  About a year ago they bulldozed it down because it really was old, and falling apart.  Not very safe for the men and women who risk their lives rescuing people from fire.  And about a week ago, they finally started construction on the new building they will use.

They blocked half of the road to my apartment building, too

Now being unemployed, my sleep schedule is a little wonky.  I’ve tried resetting my sleep schedule to be that of a normal person, but no matter what I do, my body will not want to sleep until about 3-4am.  So if I start sleeping at that time, my natural wake-up time is around 11am-12pm.  Normally that’s fine with me, except construction on the building starts around 8am.

Today they were jackhammering rocks, or old foundation, or something made of stone.  It went on from 8am to 10:30am, and I know this because it practically made the building vibrate, along with setting off my dogs and echoing throughout the neighborhood.  Needless to say, my sleep was interrupted frequently, and I woke up at 12:30pm feeling just as exhausted as when I went to bed.

Good Sleep is Important

There have been studies that show good, deep sleep helps people lose weight.  While I haven’t really looked at the numbers, or the statistics, I do believe it is true, as I tend to weigh less right after I get up for the day. 

If only this were comfortable

Like I said, I don’t know about the hormones that can cause it, or the chemistry involved, but there are a few things I know just from how I’m feeling:

  1. When I’m tired, I crave high-fat, high carb, or high-sugar foods to help boost my energy
  2. When I’m tired, I crave coffee sweetened with cream and sugar
  3.  When I’m tired, I keep eating until it’s time for sleep, then I have problems falling asleep because I’m eating things that are meant to keep my energy up

It’s a vicious cycle that is hard to break, so I’m trying really hard to not fall into the trap.  The last thing I want to do is sabotage the work I’ve already put into losing weight by not sleeping enough.

Obesity Boss

  • Me: Cast Stab
  • Obesity: Cast Stall Time
  • Me:  Cast Stab
  • Obesity: Cast Self-Heal for 0.6
  • Me: Cast Bubble
  • Obesity: Cast Self-Heal for 0.4


So I gained a pound this week.  I’m not happy about it, but I have a feeling it is just water weight, and I’m hoping it will go back down by next week. There are a few non-diet things that can cause water weight gain, and being female there are biological things that can cause it as well.  As long as I continue to eat on plan, work out when I can, and avoid temptation as much as possible, I’m hoping to see more decrease soon!

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is Into the Night by Nickleback featuring Santana

This song has a fun beat and great sound.  It’s another one I feel like I can just get up and dance to!  Works great for walking and elliptical and anything that needs a steady rhythm.  Enjoy!

PS:  I did not count calories yesterday, so that’s why there is no journal today!  I am back on track with the counting today, though, so you’ll see that food journal tomorrow!

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