Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Don't Wanna!

If it could talk, it would tell me to stop being a baby

I really really REALLY didn’t want to work out today.  Maybe it was because I’m tired, maybe it was because I wanted to do other things, but I fought a battle with my inner petulant child today, and the child almost won.  Almost.

At least the distance keeps getting higher!

So I’m up to 505.4 today.  I think I jinxed myself yesterday.  Was kinda bummed this morning when I got on the scale.  I know it’s just water weight, because I didn’t eat excess calories…but still.  Although I was under my calories, I really didn’t eat all that good yesterday, so that’s partly to blame.  I found a new recipe in my Hungry Girl cookbook, and I kinda went overboard with it.

Tiramisu Pudding

Okay, so it doesn't look all that good in this picture

½ cup part skim ricotta cheese
¼ cup fat free cool whip
1 snack size cup jell-o sugar free vanilla pudding
¼ package hot chocolate mix
¼ tsp vanilla extract

-put all in a dish and mix well!

Okay, so I modified the recipe to what I had on hand.  The recipe itself normally calls for fat free ricotta, ½ of the pudding cup, and splenda and unsweetened cocoa instead of the hot chocolate.  The original recipe is around 175 calories, where this version is 283 calories.  I might be biased since I never made the original, but mine was pretty awesome.  Not exactly like tiramisu, since there is no coffee or lady fingers, but it works in a pinch.

It makes a decent amount, too, so it’s easily split in half to share…or store in the fridge for later in the day.  This tasty snack is what was getting me through our raid’s multiple attempts at Lei Shen last night, who is the end boss in Throne of Thunder Raid in World of Warcraft.  Well, there is another boss after that, but he’s heroic mode only, and our raid team isn’t quite at that level yet.  But I’m glad we got Lei Shen down, and I hope we can do it again this week!

Food Diary for 7/22/13:

2 servings tiramisu pudding-566 calories
7 oz chicken breast-224 calories
1 Ritz Whole Wheat Fresh Stack-200 calories
2 Wedges Laughing Cow Swiss-70 calories
total calories-1059

I did do the wii fit for 30 minutes, but the extra clories from that gradually disappeared as I was a lazy bum the rest of the day, so there are no exercise calories to subtract.

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is Mercy by Duffy!


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