Friday, July 19, 2013


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Not about my weight, not about what I’ve eaten, but I’m frustrated with just about everything else.  I’m frustrated that it’s too hot outside to go for a walk.  I’m frustrated that my apartment is a mess, and I don’t even know where to start to clean it.  I’m frustrated that my fiancé leaves his shoes and socks scattered everywhere and that moments after I straighten it all out, it’s all messed up again.  I’m frustrated that there are dog toys all over the floor and they seem to multiply.

These days are hard for me to deal with because I want to clean my kitchen and bake.  I want to bake things like brownies, or cookies, or things that make the apartment smell yummy.  My apartment smells like dog…wet dog, dog poop, dog pee…all kinds of dog smells that just won’t go away.  Candles and febreze only do so much, and the only way I’ve found to truly make the smell go away temporarily is to bake something so yummy that you no longer notice it.

It took a lot of willpower to resist, but I did manage to clean my kitchen today without baking anything afterwards.  Instead I made a nice snack of crackers and laughing cow cheese after lighting some sugar cookie candles, and I have peeled and sliced some potatoes in preparation for dinner tonight.  I’m planning on making baked chicken breast with mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies, with baked chicken thighs for the fiancé because he’s tired of chicken breast. 

Tomorrow is a wedding!!  Not my wedding, but a friend of his from work.  I won’t be counting calories tomorrow, but I’ll be keeping an eye on my portions and alcohol consumption.  I will also be wearing my fitbit to keep track of my movement (I do intend to dance after a couple drinks), but not my heart monitor…the watch is ugly and the thing around my chest shows from under my shirt.

Food Diary for 7/18/13:

Dad made this burrito for dinner...a unique twist is the light dusting of parmesan cheese

1 Special K Chocolate Pretzel Bar-90 calories
1 Burrito-526 calories
½ cup Lipton Spanish Rice/Noodle mix-115 calories
1 serving veggie noodles with 1 cup frozen spinach and 3 oz chicken-200 calories
½ oz salt and pepper pork rinds-80 calories
5 individual prunes-100 calories
Total calories-1111

More distance and calories burned!

I did do the elliptical for an hour, and the machine says that I burned 550 calories.  My fitbit, however, shows that I only burned 294, so my NET calories for the day was 1111-294=817

Music Addition

Going a little old school on this one, Holding Out For a Hero by Bonnie Tyler!


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