Monday, July 29, 2013

The Basics

Just the basics for this post today.

Food Diary for 7/28/13:

1 Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte-100 calories
3 Salmon Nigiri Sushi-135 calories
4 Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with 2 cups lightly sauced veggies-408 calories
1 serving Chicken Taco Casserole-165 calories
2 Tbls Salsa- calories
2 Tbls Reduced Fat Sour Cream-35 calories
1 WW Divine Triple Chocolate Ice Cream-110 calories
8oz Red Wine-213 calories
Total Calories-1175

I worked out for an hour on the Elliptical, and my fitbit adjusted 161 calories, so my NET calories was 1014.

Raiding Obesity

He kicked my butt this week

7/22/13-203.8 (Start Fight!)
7/23/13-205.3 (Boss: Self-Heal)
7/24/13-205.3 (Boss: Stall Time)
7/25/13-204.8 (Me: Stab)
7/26/13-204.8 (Boss: Stall Time)
7/27/13-203.4 (Me: Stab)
7/28/13-204.3 (Boss: Self-Heal)
7/29/13-204.3 (Boss: Stall Time)

This past week was not a good week.  I was under stress, did not get good sleep, and my eating was all over the place (and I still blame the pancakes….freaking pancakes).  I’m hoping this upcoming week is better, although with the recent news of my Aunt passing, I will be happy if I can just keep my weight consistent.

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is not something I’d use for exercise, but it is a beautiful, if melancholic, song.  Time to Say Goodbye by Sara Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.

Take a moment and think about your loved ones, if you can.  Time is so fleeting, but memories are forever.  Appreciate every moment you have!

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