Sunday, July 28, 2013

Arghhh Pancakes!!

So remember that candle I talked about yesterday, the one that smelled like one of the most delicious breakfast foods ever?

Yea, this candle

Yea, I ended up making pancakes yesterday.  I was feeling guilty as I made the batter, feeling even more guilty when I added a touch of cinnamon and splenda to it, I was miserable with guilt as I poured it into the pan and watched the little bubbles form on the top indicating that the pancake needs to be flipped, and I was regretting eating them as soon as I put the deliciously fluffy bite right into my mouth.

But I was committed to the pancakes, I wanted that golden deliciousness, that carb-y goodness that only pancakes (and maybe waffles) can provide.  I counted the calories meticulously, and refused both butter and syrup, determined to at least keep these treasures of tastiness within my calorie limit for the day.  And I did!  I was very proud of myself!

But the scale was not my friend this morning, and I am disappointed in myself for giving into the temptation.  I knew the pancakes were not going to help, and I tried justifying it by keeping it within my calorie limit.  But instinctively I knew that with that many carbs (and there were a lot of carbs), the number on the scale was going to reflect reality…I can’t eat that many carbs and expect any kind of weight loss.

It’s sad…I really do love things like pasta, bread, pancakes, waffles, French toast, and all sorts of other pastries and cakes and pies!  I understand that moderation is key, but I have to wonder if at any time, I can introduce these back into my diet with some sort of frequency.  Would I be able to have pancakes on Sunday Morning without feeling like a balloon the next day?  Will I be able to eat birthday cake without wanting to crash diet?  Can I have friends and family over for spaghetti dinner without the fear that I won’t be able to fit in my clothes for the week?

Hmm...things to ponder, I suppose.

Food Diary for 7/27/13:

1 Dannon Light & Fir Greek Strawberry-80 calories
1 serving Chicken Taco Casserole-165 calories
2 Tbls reduced fat sour cream-35 calories
2 Tbls Salsa-9 calories
1 Cup Pancake Mix-440 calories
1 Multigrain Sandwich Thin-100 calories
1 Starkist Tuna low sodium-70 calories
1 Laughing Cow Wedge-35 calories
2 Tbls Roasted Red Peppers-50 calories
1 cup coffee w/ 2 Tbls creamer-60 calories
Total Calories-1044

Although I didn’t really go above and beyond with any exercise, apparently I did something right because my fitbit adjusted 220 calories, meaning my NET calories for the day was 824.  I’d really like to know what I did, lol!!  I did get a good night’s sleep the night before, although I woke up with that terrible pain in my neck (which is still there, by the way), so I think that must have something to do with it. 

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is a web browser commercial!!!  But really, it’s the song Too Close by Alex Clare, which was featured in a commercial!


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