Friday, July 12, 2013

Did I Finally Go Over My Calories?

Watch the video to see the answer!

Okay, so yesterday the fiancé and I went to see Pacific Rim (a surprisingly fun movie, better than I expected!) and ate dinner at Red Robin.  I was scared a little because I know that Red Robin is a burger joint…when I go there, I want a burger, not some dainty little salad or chicken wrap.  I glanced at the nutrition facts, did a double take and gulped down my anxiety, and said “you know what? I’ve been good all week, I haven’t eaten much all week, if I go over calories today I will just get back on track tomorrow.”

Today wasn’t a special occasion, although it kind of felt like it since the fiancé and I don’t go on dates as often as we used to.  We started with dinner, and I was very proud of myself!  He ordered a chicken strip basket with fries for an appetizer, and although I had told myself I wasn’t going to eat any, I did steal two of the chicken strips, but I didn’t eat any of the fries!

See! Just Chicken....with a bit of Ranch Dressing!

I love their 'Shroom Burger, so I ordered that, but instead of the French fries I ordered steamed carrots.  I wanted to laugh because the waiter made a face that said “really?”  I think I was probably the only person ever to order carrots instead of fries =P

Red Robin, Yummm!

When I got my entrée, the first thing I did was cut the burger in half.  I ate half of my burger, and although I could have quite easily finished it off, I left the other half on my plate and ate the steamed carrots (I used a tiny bit of ranch dressing for flavor, because literally these were just baby carrots with nothing else…I don’t even think they were done all the way, but I liked the slight crunch they had).  After finishing the carrots, I looked at the other half of my burger, gauged how hungry I was, and asked my waiter for a box.  I didn’t need to finish the rest right away, and I thought it would be nice to finish it later in the evening.

Was hard not eating the other half right away, lol!

After eating, we still had about 90 minutes or so before we needed to be at the theater, so we walked over to Barnes and Noble, where I got to peruse to my heart’s content!  Normally I gravitate towards sci-fi/fantasy, or sometimes the romance sections, but this time I only stayed in those areas briefly before I made my way over to the diet/cookbook sections. 

I need more things to cook, or things with more flavor, otherwise the fiancé isn’t going to keep eating the same chicken breast with steamed veggies, so I bought three cookbooks and a “cheesy romance novel”.  He really didn’t want me buying anything, but I did get him to buy me one of the cookbooks, lol!

He bought me the 300 under 300 book!!

After grabbing these cookbooks, I wandered over to read some of the “diet” books, and I realized that all of them had some sort of gimmick to them.  “lose 10lbs in 10 days” ”lose 20lbs in 20 days” “Melt-Away the Belly-Fat” …the list goes on!  It took me a while, but I finally did find the calorie counting books, tucked on the bottom shelf and almost hidden behind other books.  I had to wonder, is that because calorie counting doesn’t have a catchy gimmick to follow?

Anyways, we dropped the bags off at the car before heading into the theater.  The movie was both IMAX and 3D, and we got there early enough to get good seats.  The theater also wasn’t packed…pleasantly full, but not over-crowded.  Had to avoid the temptation of movie theater popcorn (OMG I still crave it every time I go to a movie!), and didn’t get anything to drink.

It was a fun night!  You’ll see in the food diary below that I didn’t go over calories by much, and I’m expecting to be back on plan right away tomorrow (with shiny new recipes to try!)!  It felt good to not be horrendously low on my calories for once this week.  Here’s hoping I’ve cracked my low calorie streak!

Food Diary for 7/11/13:

1 Banana-110 calories
1 Dannon Light & Fit Greek Strawberry Yogurt-80 calories
1 Sauteed Shroom Burger-851 calories
1 cup steamed baby carrots-50 calories
2 fried chicken strips-240 calories
Total Calories-1331

Walked 40 min at 2 mph-156 calories

Total NET Calories-1331-156=1175

Went over the 1200 for the day, but still under NET calories!  I cannot wait until I get my FitBit, which is a pedometer so I can be more exact with the calories burned during the day!  It shipped today, so I’m expecting it Monday or Tuesday!

Good news is that today when I weighed myself, I did not go up!  But, I also did not go down :(  I've been at 206.6 for 3 days now, so I'm starting to get a little anxious to see those numbers go down again.

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is one that many people include on their workout playlists, LMFAO’s Sexy and I know It!


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