Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I Need to Walk More

These feet were made for walkin'

So remember yesterday I got my FitBit?  Well, after getting everything to sync and turn on and get going, I found I only walked about 400 steps.  Granted, I got it yesterday afternoon, and spent the afternoon mostly plopped in front of my computer, but still. 

The strange thing is that it counted it up as burning 218 calories…that seems like a lot for 400 steps.  I’ll be keeping an eye on it, and I don’t intend to eat over my 1200 calories either way, but I’m concerned that it might be giving me extra exercise calories when I really didn’t burn a whole lot.  I’ll probably know better when I get my heart rate monitor on Wednesday.

The Fruit That Fills

Now, a lot of people will probably laugh, or cringe, or grimace, but I find prunes to be quite tasty.  I get the individually wrapped prunes by Sunsweet, and at about 20 calories per fruit, it is a handy snack to keep on my desk, instead of nuts.  For 4-5 prunes, you get 0 fat, antioxidants, it’s a natural source of potassium, and they’re high in fiber so it promotes healthy digestion!  They can also curb hunger very effectively, and for a long time!

Don't hate me because I'm ugly...

Okay, so they aren’t the most sexy of fruits…they are shriveled, and dark colored, and have the stigma of being an old people fruit.  But I think that they are sadly misunderstood, and should be part of a balanced diet for many people.  Especially with the higher fiber, these can be utilized in many different ways!!

Food Diary for 7/15/13:

From their website...was pretty damn tasty!
1 Applebee’s Napa Chicken and Portobello Dinner-550 calories
1 stick Extra Dessert Delights Mint Choco Chip-5 calories
1cup blueberries-83 calories
1 Fiber One Chocolate peanut Butter Chewy Bar-90 calories
10 individual prunes-200 calories
1 cup coffee w/ 2 tbls creamer-60 calories
Total calories-988

I did not exercise, but my FitBit is telling me I burned 218 calories, so my NET calories for the day according to MyFitnessPal is 770.  I’m interested to see how accurate this is, and looking forward to testing it out this week!  The amount of extra calories burned just seems so high compared to the activity I did, so I’m taking that number with a grain of salt.

Music Addition:

Today’s Addition is Shut Up & Drive by Rihanna!


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