Friday, July 5, 2013

Two Months In, Yay!!

 I have successfully been changing my lifestyle for 2 months now, and I feel great!  I thought I would be a little closer to the goal, but I’m not disappointed with my weight loss so far.  I stepped on the scale today and I was 208.7.  I knew I would go up from yesterday’s low of 207.7 because of the holiday food, but at 208.7, I am down 13 pounds from when I started.  Yay!

That's right, I celebrate with dancing giraffes!

Tonight is a friend’s birthday, and we are going to Roma Ristorante, a favorite Italian place we like to go.  

Their website is!

 The thing I like about this place is not just the food, but the service is great, and the food is fantastic.  Everything is made fresh and how you like it, and I have never had a bad dish there.  My top favorites are their bacon wrapped scallops, Shrimp Limoncello, Shrimp Marsala, and Sundried Encrusted Salmon.  But really, any dish you get there is going to be amazing!

I am a little nervous because I’m concerned about the calorie count for what I will be getting.  I know already I will be getting the scallops for an appetizer, and the salmon for an entrée.  According to the MyFitnessPal database, most bacon wrapped scallops hover between 150-300 calories, so I’m going to measure it as 275 calories.  The salmon is an 8oz filet, which by itself without anything is 384 calories, but because there is light oil, a buerre blanc sauce, and sautéed spinach (I ask for extra spinach instead of roasted potatoes), I’m going to measure it as 600 calories, and just ask for very light olive oil if possible.

I will not be drinking any alcohol, and I will not eat any bread.  I also will take home about half of my salmon and spinach so that I can extend those calories later this evening without going over them.  We are leaving soon, so I don’t have time for a walk right now, but if it’s still daylight afterwards, I may go for a quick 20-30 minute walk to burn off some of what I’ve eaten.

4th of July

I wasn’t wrong when I said his mother makes food for an army!  We had meat sticks (marinated pork cut into cubes and grilled on skewers), corn on the cob, salad, steamed crabs, white rice, and a jello/pretzel/cool whip dessert!  She also made this tasty refreshing Sangria by mixing Sangria wine with Asti champagne, and adding frozen blueberries, raspberries, and slices of orange.  I’m not going to lie, I had a couple glasses of that, and I got a little tipsy =P  Here are some pictures!

Meat Sticks! 

Corn on the Cob!

Super Awesome Sangria!

Crabs...they looked at me, I couldn't eat any more =(
Although there was a lot of food, I found myself not eating a whole lot, and I don’t think I went over my 1200 calorie limit, or if I did it wasn’t by much.  I started the day with a banana, and I only ate 2 meat sticks, 1 crab (I went to grab another, saw the eyes look at me and said “nope”), 1 ear of corn, a larger bowl of salad with only a splash of balsamic vinaigrette, and only a small slice of the jello dessert.  I did not eat any rice, and I did not go back for a second helping of anything.  Later that night I did get a little hungry and ate an 80 calorie yogurt, but overall I did okay.  A lot better than what I thought I was going to do.

Music Addition

Today’s music addition is Troublemaker by Olly Murs

It’s got a good beat!  I like to dance to this song, lol!  Enjoy!

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