Monday, July 22, 2013

Today is a Good Day

So I’m feeling better today than I have been, and that’s a good thing!  Although I am still not getting really good sleep, and my sleep timing is all off, I feel like I’m making progress.

I finally hooked up the Wii today, and used it for about 40 minutes (30 minutes of actual exercising), and while it didn’t get my heart rate up too much (highest was at 120bpm), I did get a good sweat going and I can feel the muscle burn in my arms and abs.  I did the hula hooping, the boxing, and a short step routine.  According to the Wii, I burned about 171 calories, but my fitbit seemed to record most of the movement so I’ll go off what that tells me later today.

I’m also down in my weight again, which is totally awesome!!  I thought I was going to spend some serious time at 205…I just had that feeling that it was going to be a tough hurdle.  I’m not completely convinced I won’t rebound a little, but I was glad to see that my weight is my lowest weight to date!

Obesity Boss

So last Monday I weighed in at 207.2, here is what the breakdown for this boss looked like for this past week:

7/15/13-207.2 (Start Fight!)
7/16/13-205.4 (Me: Stab)
7/17/13-205.4 (Boss: Stall Time)
7/18/13-204.4 (Me: Stab)
7/19/13-204.5 (Boss: Self-Heal)
7/20/13-205.5 (Boss: Self-Heal)
7/21/13-205.5 (Boss: Stall Time)
7/22/13-203.8 (Me: Stab)

As you can see, I hovered a lot around 204-205…I really do hope I broke through that barrier and will continue to lose after this.  As I keep seeing the number go down, I keep getting more and more motivated to continue striving towards my goal. 

My Dad told me yesterday that he can see the weight loss in my face and neck, and I was really happy about that!  Especially since I can’t tell yet, it’s nice to have that confirmation that others are seeing the work I’m putting into myself.  After all, 17lbs is a lot of weight! 

Food Diary for 7/21/13:

*No Avocado or Cream Cheese, so I lessened the calories

1 Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte-100 calories
1 Dannon Light & Fir Greek Pineapple
10 pieces Sushi Assorted-280 calories*
1 Chicken Wrap-308 calories
1 Coffee with 2 tbls creamer-60 calories
1 package sugar free jello-40 calories
4 tbls fat free cool whip-30 calories
Total Calories-908

I did work out on the elliptical for an hour.  For the first time, instead of just jumping on and using the average calorie estimate, I plugged in my weight, and I have to say that the new estimate I got was even more exaggerated!  The elliptical tells me I burned 737 calories, but my fitbit only adjusted 176, so my NET calories for yesterday was 908-176=732

Last night was hard…I was feeling very down about a lot of things, and all I really wanted was brownies, cheesecake , and all things that are not on my diet plan.  I had to white knuckle my way through it, and it was very difficult.  I’m lucky that I don’t get cravings like this too much, and I know it will only get harder as I continue to work towards my goal.  I just have to remember that if I make a mistake, to get right back on plan afterwards.

Music Addition

Today’s Addition is This is How a Heart Breaks by Rob Thomas!


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